Adfirm protects the privacy of our customers, and our own interests, through the following measures:

1. Data supplied to Adfirm by clients and partners is strictly commercial in confidence. Such information is stored securely and will not be rented or re-sold with any third party. We can sign if required a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

2. Some marketing data may be obtained from public domain data sources available to all Australians and in line with current Australian privacy laws. We also try to ensure that such data is targeted as accurately as possible to relevant customer groups.

3. We reserve the right to decline projects or clients where it involves offensive, obscene or illegal data, images and media.

4. We reserve the right to decline projects where there is a conflict of interests or where there is a moral or ethical objection.

5. We provide the option of opting out of mass online communications. The exception to this are emails that are singularly targeted and exploratory in their nature.

Overall we strive for fair and practical business etiquette in all of our communications and dealings.